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Ralston Law’s primary focus is keeping families out of court and conflict and coming to a resolution that may not be ideal but works for everyone.  Mediation is not easy. It takes patience, respect, and the desire to want to end the conflict and move on with less emotion.  The parties must have an open mind and want to find a way to avoid the legal fees and trauma of going to court. 

As a mediator for the NJ Judiciary, I have worked with families to resolve their conflicts and come to an agreement. Additionally, I have taken numerous classes on mediation and conflict resolution to ensure I serve my clients well. Nothing makes me happier, than seeing people push through the anger and resentment and come to an agreement – and watch the burden fall from their shoulders.

Probate Mediation

Many people are named as an executor or apply to be the administrator of a family member’s estate. They take on the responsibility to follow the wishes of their loved one or what they believe their loved one would have wanted when a will was not created. This is not an easy task and often leads to hurt feelings, anger, and resentment between family members.

We, at Ralston Law, want to help families stay together and lessen the trauma and emotions that come to the surface during this time – when everyone is also dealing with their own grief. As such, we offer mediation services to allow the family to sit down and resolve issues that come up during the probate period. This way, when all is said and done, the most important thing – the familial relationship is stronger than ever.

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Divorce by Mediation

People spend tens of thousands, sometimes much, much more, in attorney fees when obtaining a divorce. It’s easy to get caught up in the emotions during the divorce process. BUT – there is an easier way – a better way. 

Divorce by Mediation allows the parties to sit down (via zoom or in person) over a series of sessions and come to an agreement regarding their assets, their children, retirement, debts, etc.  We can also help both parties, with the agreement of both and a signed waiver, to create their post-divorce estate plan, a trust for their children, even discuss and create an agreement for continued family relationships should something happen to one parent.

Once the agreement is drafted and signed, Ralston Law will assist in filing the divorce paperwork and have the complaint heard on the papers, so the parties do not have to take time off work in order to attend court.


Since Covid, many have fallen behind on their rent and the eviction process can be long and drawn out.  Once an eviction is granted, the renter is forced to leave and can find it difficult to find new housing since there is now an eviction on their record. This is a lose-lose situation for both parties. Ralston Law can help the parties come to an agreement to have the tenant move out, leaving the home in a clean manner, without having the additional burden of an eviction on their record.

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